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SINOR is in the process of planning the establishment of the world's largest R.A.S. production facility with integrated processing and logistic centre to serve the Chinese and South East Asian markets with live Atlantic Salmon......

While the global economy continued to struggle over the past 12 months, China's economic performance remained strong and it contributed the most in real terms to global economic growth for the sixth consecutive year. European companies have benefited from this growth, with increased revenues and higher average profit margins in China compared to company performances being reported globally. With optimism about continued growth, China's strategic importance has correspondingly increased for most European companies, as has the strategic intention to serve the domestic market through their China operations. This is reflected in the plans of many companies to make further investments, increase the number of permanent staff positions and develop marketing and sales activities as companies increasingly see boosting domestic consumption as important to China's growth. Source EUCCC.

The Norwegian Atlantic Salmon from China will in the years to come supply the Chinese market as well as the and Asian markets with premium quality - guaranteed without antibiotics or vaccination. The Atlantic Salmon grows....



China Shakes the World: A Titan's Rise and Troubled Future
By James Kynge
Houghton Mifflin Company, 2006

Winner of the Financial Times / Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Award, China Shakes the World is a dramatic accounting of how China's exploding growth is not only changing China, but reshaping the economies and politics of its global neighbors. This highly readable and engrossing book is based on Mr. Kynge's numerous interviews and research with players in the China drama from around the globe, including mid-western businessmen in the US who are losing manufacturing to China, Chinese immigrants in Italy who are buying up historic textile factories, factory workers in Germany whose local steel plant was dismantled and sent to China in its entirety - and the Chinese businessman who bought it. It is an excellent look at how China got to where it is today, and what this might mean for China and the world in the future.

One Billion Customers: Lessons from the Front Lines of Doing Business in China (Wall Street Journal Book)
By James McGregor
New York, 2005

This is definitely one of the best books about doing business in China on the market today. The case studies are all fresh, intriguing and entertaining, and provide excellent insights into modern Chinese business culture. Mr. McGregor places his conclusions regarding current Chinese business practices in the context of China's history (ancient and modern) so that the lessons he imparts provide readers with a depth of understanding that is largely missing in many popular China business books. Strongly recommended.

Mr. China: A Memoir
By Tim Clissold
Harper Business, 2005

A wonderfully riotous story of what can go wrong when too much money is thrown at too many projects with too little information, Mr. China is Tim Clissold's frontline view of investing millions of Wall Street dollars in China in the 1990s. This is a terrific cautionary tale with good insights into the problems that can plague foreign investors in China.

Harvard Business Review on Doing Business in China (Harvard Business Review Paperback Series)
By Rick Yan and Kennety Lieberthal
Harvard Business School Press, 2004

"Important fundamentals...clear explanations... humorous...comprehensive... a welcome introduction to the rhythm and grace of Chinese social interaction" says the Asian Wall Street Journal of Seligman's latest offering. An excellent guide that will help visiting business people interact in China with confidence.

China Streetsmart: What You MUST Know to be Effective and Profitable in China
By John Chan
Prentiss Hall, 2003

Although the constant promotion of the “China Streetsmart way” is tedious and distracting, this book does provide useful case studies of foreign companies operating in China that demonstrate how the complexities of doing business in China can be handled to create profitable operations.

Chinese Business Etiquette: A Guide to Protocol, Manners, and Culture in the People's Republic of China
By Scott D. Seligman
Warner Books, 1999

"Important fundamentals...clear explanations... humorous... comprehensive... a welcome introduction to the rhythm and grace of Chinese social interaction" says the Asian Wall Street Journal of Seligman's latest offering. An excellent guide that will help visiting business people interact in China with confidence.

Wen and The Art of Doing Business in China
By Daniel R. Joseph
Cultural Dragon, 2001

An excellent guide for those seeking to establish operations in more remote parts of China. Mr. Joseph presents a compelling narrative of the impact that culture ("wen" in Chinese) has on doing business in China's less-developed areas.

The New Silk Road: Secrets of Business Success in China Today
By John B. Stuttard
John Wiley & Sons, 2000

A very helpful book of China business case studies contributed by the China executives from companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Bayer, Novartis, Unilever, Lucent and United Technologies. Provides solid lessons on setting goals, choosing partners and steps you can take to reduce uncertainty.

Behind the Open Door: Foreign Enterprises in the Chinese Marketplace
By Daniel H. Rosen
Institute for International Economics, 1999

Drawing on extensive interviews with expatriate managers and other professionals currently working in China, Mr. Rosen analyzes and provides helpful conclusions on each step of running a business in China. Excellent reading for managers responsible both for investment and operational issues in China.

The China Business Handbook 2002
By China Economic Review
Alain Charles Publishing, 2002

A thorough guide to every region in China, complete with color maps, key economic data, information on major companies in the area, investment incentives, infrastructure, and economic and industrial zones. Tips on places to stay and things to do are included as well. An excellent resource for the business person seeking to learn more about what the different regions of China have to offer.

China Dawn: The Story of a Technology and Business Revolution
By David Sheff
HarperBusiness, 2002

A fascinating portrait of two entrepreneurs swept up in China's high-tech revolution. This fast-paced book gives readers a real sense of the forces that are driving business in China today -- and radically changing Chinese culture in the process.

Beijing Jeep: A Case Study of Western Business in China
By Jim Mann
Westview Press, 1997

A compelling chronicle of American Motors Corporation's failure in China. While it is a bit dated, it is still an excellent case study for those considering, or preparing to manage, a Sino-foreign operation in China.



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