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SINOR is in the process of planning the establishment of the world's largest R.A.S. production facility with integrated processing and logistic centre to serve the Chinese and South East Asian markets with live Atlantic Salmon......

While the global economy continued to struggle over the past 12 months, China's economic performance remained strong and it contributed the most in real terms to global economic growth for the sixth consecutive year. European companies have benefited from this growth, with increased revenues and higher average profit margins in China compared to company performances being reported globally. With optimism about continued growth, China's strategic importance has correspondingly increased for most European companies, as has the strategic intention to serve the domestic market through their China operations. This is reflected in the plans of many companies to make further investments, increase the number of permanent staff positions and develop marketing and sales activities as companies increasingly see boosting domestic consumption as important to China's growth. Source EUCCC.

The Norwegian Atlantic Salmon from China will in the years to come supply the Chinese market as well as the and Asian markets with premium quality - guaranteed without antibiotics or vaccination. The Atlantic Salmon grows....



One of the key success dynamics for doing business in China is Guanxi, which is a personal network or relationship. It works as a person to person Balance Sheet with an ongoing accumulation of credits and depths that never expire. The Guanxi connections may take a monitory shape, but mostly it develops from a variety of intangible sources, such as common faith, traditions, historical and political issues, family connections or long- time personal friendships, neighborhood, previous business activities, being classmates at universities or previous common experience from military service or government. Guanxi has no written rules and no limitations.



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